Our vision is to be the leading example of providing access to standardized quality and affordable dental healthcare through a network of dental clinics across Nigeria, leaving no one behind.

As we celebrate our 10th year anniversary this year, we are humbled by the impact we have made by keeping true to our promise of ‘giving you one more reason to smile’.

Our Core values remain: Excellence, Innovation, Care, Honesty/Openness, Integrity, and Teamwork. These are seen in our approach to communicating with our patients, treatment provision, and community engagement.

The 100,000 Smiles Project: Our Community Impact

Driven by our founder’s strong belief that “the growth of an organization is NEVER complete if it does not impact or change its community”, our commitment to promoting dental health awareness across Nigeria gave birth to The 100,000 Smiles Project.

Through this project, we have been able to increase dental health awareness in over 60 communities through:

  • School visits programs: over 50 school visits in the last ten years, educating school children on how to take care of their teeth while distributing over 7,500 copies of children’s dental books authored by Dr Smyls.
  • Rural dental drives: dental awareness campaigns to communities across Northern Nigeria, providing free dental checkups, free tubes of toothpaste and toothbrushes, and free dental care (teeth replacement, minor dental surgeries).
  • Radio and TV programs: including free on-air consultations, dental education and a drama series.

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