Children Dental Care 
Good Dental care starts with proper brushing of the teeth. For children, this is your best defence against dental caries (most common dental disease at this age) and the attendant high cost of treatment or bad experience of a toothache.
As with every other thing, selection of the right oral hygiene accessories MUST put into consideration the needs of the child, especially when it comes to children’s brushing. There is a toothbrush , toothpaste or tongue cleaner for every stage of development of your child.
Oral hygiene in children should ideally start as soon as your baby starts feeding, even before the eruption of the first tooth. It has the double effect of helping your child get used to the concept of daily cleaning of the mouth and also regulates bacteria activity in their mouth especially after meals.
Oral routine in children needs to be assisted until the child gets to 6 or 7 years (or when they have gained manual dexterity enough to tie their own shoelaces). Even after this age, supervision is required until well into their teenage years.
Early years (0-6months)
Before the first tooth appears in the mouth, use a piece of moist cotton gauze or clean mouth towel to clean inside your baby’s mouth after feeds. There is no need to add salt or any paste.
As soon as the first tooth erupts is a great time to start using toothpaste for your child. You can apply a smear of toothpaste on the cotton gauze or clean mouth towel; clean around the gums, inner cheek and the tooth/teeth.
Introduce a toothbrush as the number of teeth increase in the mouth (at least 4 teeth or more). Apply a pea-sized (groundnut seed-like) amount of toothpaste on the bristle of the toothbrush.
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