Even though your aligners are supposed to be thrown away every few weeks, they still need to be cleaned otherwise, you might have to wear a really unclean or foul smelling pair of aligners every day.

How frequently should your aligners be cleaned?

  • Every night, ideally when you brush and floss your teeth, you should clean your aligners. This aids in clearing away any food particles, dirt, and bacteria that you inadvertently gather throughout the day.
  • Additionally, you can clean your aligners if they seem noticeably unclean, which might happen if you put them on too soon after eating or if you unintentionally drank something opaque while wearing them.
  • Every time you take off your aligners, you should rinse them in addition to using more thorough cleaning techniques.
  • Even when you replace your aligners every two weeks, you should still give them a thorough cleaning. If you don’t, the aligners may seem discolored, giving the impression that your teeth are discolored.

The best methods to maintain your aligners
Maintaining the cleanliness and bacterial-free condition of your aligners can be achieved by adhering to certain recommended practices. Here are a few instances:

  • When eating, always remove your aligners. If not, food particles may accumulate inside the aligners or cause damage that renders the aligners ineffective.
  • Water is the only beverage you should consume while your aligners are in. If not, you run the risk of harming or staining them.
  • Avoiding cleaning the trays with extremely hot water.
  • Every time you are not using your aligners, put them away in an airtight container. This shields them from bacteria and lessens the chance that you’ll lose them.

These are great ways to ensure that you are keeping your aligners clean and your treatment at its best.

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