A lot of people ask about what the best option would be to help them straighten their teeth. It is worthy of note that with a proper consultation session with our expert dentists at our clinic, we can determine the best options for your particular case.

However, the group of people who benefit from using clear aligners are those with crooked teeth (malocclusion), large gaps between their teeth, teeth that are bent sideways and have dental spacing issues.

Clear aligners are really not the ideal option for children or patients in their early teen years because clear aligners are removable and will require a certain level of care and responsibility.

This level of precision care may make it difficult for young patients to remember to insert them back in the mouth when they should, and not wearing the aligners for over 20 hours a day, will not help with the required movement of the teeth. Also, younger patients tend to lose their properties pretty easily.

It therefore means that aligners will be a better choice for patients in their late teen to adult ages.

Below are the best class of patients for clear aligners:

  • Professionals with busy schedules

For a variety of reasons, adults with demanding careers frequently favor aligners or braces. To begin with, they don’t obstruct the creation of a polished appearance. If needed, patients can take out their aligners during meetings and presentations. Most clients are unable to determine whether someone is wearing transparent aligners at all.
There are also fewer visits to the clinic office because patients receive the aligners at the start of their treatment. Aligners are a profitable choice for people who lead hectic lives.

  • Students in college

It is thrilling to enter college and make a new beginning. Many college students want to look good while they’re in school, and utilizing aligners makes it simple to do so. Since aligners are almost undetectable, they enhance attractiveness without taking away from it.

  • Parents

This is the ideal solution for parents who want to straighten their teeth but don’t want to seem like kids while wearing braces. The adult’s teeth are beautifully straightened thanks to orthodontics, and no one can ever tell.

On a general note, any adult desiring to take their smile a step up, can benefit from using clear aligners.

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