In our last post, we discussed what you need to know about dental fillings, today, we are talking about the necessary precautions one should adhere to after having a composite dental filling.

This would come in handy to you or someone close to you, so don’t skip any of the points.

  • You should not eat hard or sticky foods for 14 days.
    • Foods that will require taking hard bites and long time to chew like meat, should be avoided. Added to the list will be highly acidic foods (to prevent infection), and drinks (and foods) that are too hot or cold. 
  • Do not forget the routine of flossing (and brushing) after a filling.
    • Only ensure that you brush/floss gently and carefully around the tooth, you should be able to keep the area clean as usual.
  • Be careful when you eat after a dental filling
    • Be cautious about what you eat immediately following the filling procedure. Preferably, go for food that requires minimal chewing.  If you feel pain and swelling, it is advised that you wait until it decreases before eating. Most dentists will recommend waiting at least 24 hours after receiving the dental filling to eat any solid foods.
    • You can ask your dentist for advice about when is the best time for you to eat after your filling.
  • Take over-the-counter painkillers for pain, discomfort or tooth sensitivity after a filling.
    • Feel free to take over-the-counter painkillers to relieve any pain or discomfort after a dental filling. However, if the pain or discomfort do not disappear after 24 hours, contact your dentist to schedule an appointment to check on your filling, to ensure that infection is not developing.
  • Contact your dentist in the advent of a persistent toothache
    • A persistent sharp or throbbing toothache may indicate that an existing tooth decay has reached your tooth’s pulp and may require root canal. Contacting your dentist immediately is important to address it promptly.

Ensure to keep your appointment with your dentist to ensure everything goes well. Ask as many questions as necessary and maintain good oral hygiene.

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