It is uncommon to refer to any part of the human body with the term “expired”, but we can all agree either by personal experience or observation that the human body deteriorates in appearance and function as we age, and one outstanding characteristic of this change is that it differs for every individual. So the question ”WHAT IS THE EXPIRY DATE OF YOUR TEETH” speaks to the duration of the desired functionality and appearance of our teeth. 


Your teeth are a vital feature of your body and are meant to last a LIFETIME. An adult has a total of 32 teeth, each covered with enamel (the strongest substance in your body).

Even with the wear and tear associated with the function of the teeth the body has a natural system to replenish the enamel layer.



Many people consider losing teeth as just a part of getting old. In fact, by the time the average Nigerian reaches seventy years of age, they’ve lost at least a tooth or two, with over 60% having heavily stained teeth.

Studies have shown that the majority of tooth loss is associated with poor periodontal (gum) health mostly due to poor oral hygiene practices, systemic diseases (such as uncontrolled diabetes) and negligence- most people only visit the dentist when the toothache becomes unbearable or the tooth is badly decayed.

The effects of tooth loss range from altered facial features (sunken cheeks or lips due to thinner jaw bone or missing teeth), to speech/ pronunciation as well as your diet.

As people grow beyond 40 years, the health of the tissue supporting the teeth tends to also decline. This is usually complicated by poor oral hygiene and systemic diseases like diabetes. Ultimately, this situation leads to mobile/ shaky teeth or bleeding gums, and sometimes teeth falling out without any intervention required. This reduces the QOL (Quality Of Life) among this section of the population.

At the Smile Shop we have a special Dental care subscription plan for seniors and the elderly (60 years and above) so as to ensure the pain from gum disease or toothache is not aggravated by the financial burden of getting the care they require (most times dependent on their children or relatives).



Now that you know your teeth are meant to last a lifetime and that old age is much more blissful with a perfect smile, you should consider prioritizing your dental care more. You can trust The Smile Shop to be the perfect partner on this smile-filled journey: 

  1. With our timely and friendly REMINDER SYSTEM, you are sure we will always help you stay on track with your bi-annual checkup and cleaning
  2.  Our MOBILE CLINIC saves you the hassle of having to take a break from the office to bring mom or dad to the clinic for a dental checkup. We will go to them to deliver excellent and convenient dental care wherever and whenever;
  3. Our PROFICIENT and FRIENDLY staff are on hand  to ensure you have the best of options always;
  4. Our IMPECCABLE and welcoming AMBIENCE redefines what a health care facility should feel like.

CALL 08065745100 or BOOK AN APPOINTMENT ON OUR WEBSITE to get started on this journey to securing the future of your teeth.

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