In our previous article, we introduced the subject matter “Wisdom Tooth” and further discussed the need to remove a wisdom tooth. If you missed it, you can read it Here.

In this article, our aim is to intimate you on what to expect after a wisdom tooth is removed.

First, before a wisdom tooth is removed, an anesthetic is applied to handle pain during the process. However, everyone reacts to anesthetics differently. If you feel alert after the procedure, you may drive or go home yourself without much assistance to begin your recovery. If you feel drowsy (if you had a general anesthesia) after the procedure, you will need someone to take you home.

Additionally, most people may have no pain or just a little pain after the procedure, have swelling and mild discomfort for two days or a little more. Generally, you may require a few weeks to heal completely.

There are certain instructions and some tips that will assist faster recovery and they include the following:

  • Using moist heat for a sore jaw
  • Eating soft meals like rice, soups
  • Drinking a lot of fluids
  • Brushing your teeth your teeth by the next day carefully
  • Taking the prescribed medications
  • Not rinsing your mouth harshly and rinsing with salt water
  • Not smoking
  • Letting the doctor know if pain persists for longer than stated or you get fever that lasts for too long

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