The holiday season is upon us!
In the midst of the joyful festivities, it is important to ‘deck’ our smiles with care and love! From yummy meals and sugary clinks, our teeth and mouth takes the center stage in these seasons of joy! We must pay attention and protect the health of our teeth.

These are 6 things you must avoid doing to protect your teeth in the festive seasons.

1. Chewing Ice Cubes: Ice cubes might seem harmless, but chewing on them can weaken enamel and potentially lead to tooth fractures or chips.

2. Frequent Snacking: Continuous snacking throughout the day exposes your teeth to acids and sugars, increasing the risk of decay. Try to have structured meal times and limit snacks.

3. Cracking Nutshells with Your Teeth: Using your teeth as nutcrackers can lead to chipped or cracked teeth. Opt for proper nutcrackers to protect your dental health.

4. Biting Hard Candy: Avoid biting or crunching hard candies as they can easily break or damage teeth. Instead, let them dissolve slowly in your mouth.

5. Using Your Teeth as Tools: Opening packages or tearing tape with your teeth can harm your enamel and even cause tooth damage. Use proper tools instead.

6. Ignoring Dental Discomfort: If you experience tooth pain or sensitivity, don’t ignore it. Delaying dental visits might exacerbate the issue. Schedule an appointment with us promptly.

Remember, enjoying the holiday season doesn’t mean compromising your dental health. Being mindful to avoid these habits can help maintain a healthy smile throughout the festivities and don’t forget to brush atleast twice a day.

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