In this article, we will give proper answers to some burning questions which are commonly asked by our patients concerning use of traditional braces.

  • How do I know whether to use braces or invisaligners?

Deciding which option is best for you is something only your dentist or orthodontist can determine after series of checks. However, Invisalign generally can correct most mild to moderate orthodontic issues. If you have a severe case, traditional braces might be more appropriate to use.

  • Can we chew gum with braces on?

Sure you can! However, sugarless chewing gum are the safe go to for people who wear braces. Be sure to also check with your dentist if you must!

  • Are there special dental flossers for people who wear braces?

Fortunately so! There are a number of special flossers like dental picks, water flossers, orthodontic flossers, floss threaders which braces users can use. Your dentist or orthodontist will guide you as to what may suit you best.

  • When should I alert my dentist?

Well, certain symptoms should not go unattended when you begin to use braces. Some of these are broken brackets or wires, trauma to your mouth or face, feeling pain that persists even with pain relievers or bleeding.

Overall, dental braces not only enhance your smile but improve your oral health as well. Getting professional guidance for this procedure is as important as making your smile better!

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