The act of ”Teeth Cleaning” is probably as old as man’s existence. Little wonder everyone seems to take this common (but very important) hygiene activity for granted.
Cleaning your teeth is recommended at least twice daily (before bedtime and after breakfast). This can be complemented with the use of an alcohol-free mouthwash and dental floss. However, beyond all these, optimal oral hygiene requires something more. This is why at the Smile Shop we offer a cost effective, yet unique dental cleaning service that starts right from when you walk into our facility to when you come for your next routine cleaning.

You might wonder “why do the mouth/teeth require a lot?”; but remember the mouth does a lot and your teeth are meant to last a lifetime.


Over the past 50 years, worldwide sugar consumption has tripled, an increase which is expected to grow – particularly in emerging economies (OHA 2015).
The reality today (2020) exceeds this projection: there is hardly a day that we don’t consume refined sugar; which is the main cause of dental caries. Dental caries left unattended will cause bad breath, gum diseases, cavities and tooth decay, and ultimately loss of tooth.
A visual observation of plaque build up will show chalky white – yellow(dental caries) – brown(tooth decay). We recommend you have your cleaning done every six months (coupled with recommended oral hygiene practices).

Professional dental cleanings give your dentist or therapist an opportunity to compare the state of your oral health to that of previous visits. If you’re moving in the wrong direction, immediate intervention can put you back on track.


For first timers, having your teeth cleaned professionally is painless and non-invasive. Anesthesia is not required and the entire cleaning process is done relatively quickly, depending on how much plaque has built up. General teeth cleaning involves:
● Initial Examination of Teeth
● Removal of Plaque; a painless soothing procedure that requires the use of an
ultrasonic scaling machine.
● Teeth Polishing; use of polishing brush and prophylactic paste to smoothen and
brighten the teeth surfaces.
● Fluoride Treatment (only on recommendation) to protect against cavity formation.
● Oral Hygiene counseling; a Smile Shop special to ensure you have all the necessary
information to maintain a healthy and perfect dental hygiene.

Asides its health benefits, having a perfect oral health is a confidence booster and increases your general productivity.


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