Since 2007, a day has been officially selected by the World Dental Federation (FDI) to direct awareness towards Oral health. March 20th is an opportunity to help reduce the huge burden of oral disease by empowering individuals and communities with the information, tools to promote good oral health.

In Nigeria, one of the major challenges that still bedevils the health sector is ACCESS to quality and basic dental care. 

  • Access In terms of infrastructure;  the few standard dental clinics are located in the urban areas leaving those in the rural areas with substandard services or none at all.
  • Access in terms of finance;  globally, dental care is expensive even to the average person. The availability of health insurance in most countries reduces this burden; however, in Nigeria barely 5% of the large population have health insurance coverage. This leads to a large percentage left with no option but to pay out-of-pocket, oftentimes having to make the tough decision of choosing to treat a bad tooth or miss out on feeding allowance for the week.


The challenge of ACCESS to quality, affordable dental care is the reason why we have made it our mission to bring dental care closer to the people most in need of it.

1. MYDENTALPAL; with a growing list of beneficiaries and numerous innovative products and services, the mydentalpal app is a first-of-its kind Dental care payment and subscription platform that provides access to guaranteed, convenient and affordable dental services. Mydentalpal gives you 100% control over your medical expenses; allowing you to plan, budget and access the quality dental care you need at your convenience. You can also take advantage of its subscription plans to enjoy amazing discounts on services with different plans to suit everyone. 



2. SMILES ON WHEELS: the urban lifestyle also has its specs as it happens that most of its dwellers work against time, hence time and location becomes an hindrance to accessing dental care. The smiles on wheels is our innovative mobile clinic that allows us to deliver the smile experience to your offices, business centers and private residence.

You can book for this service online at, or via or call any of our contact numbers.

3. COMMUNITY POP UP CLINICS: these innovative low-cost maintenance clinics offer affordable dental care for people in remote locations.

In celebrating the 2021 WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY, the Smile Shop has selected two communities where it will provide FREE dentures, dental accessories and checkups through our DENTURE DRIVE. To sustain these interventions, we are launching two new pop-up clinics in these communities.

Hope you enjoyed the read. Please feel free to drop a comment or suggestion. Until next month, we leave you with the theme for this year’s World Oral Health Day: BE PROUD OF YOUR MOUTH.