Don’t worry we are still here for you.


One of the many ways in which life has changed during this global pandemic and nation-wide lockdown is that most other health issues have been relegated.


For most of us, provided we keep on top of our dental hygiene, that’s not too much of a problem for now. That check-up can wait a few more weeks and you can always do more to up your personal oral hygiene plan. Check out recommended products here Smileshop store

But what if something goes wrong and you start to feel that tell-tale sensitivity or throbbing pain in your tooth? Or you suddenly chip your tooth, lose one or more teeth? Or your denture breaks? or your crown falls off?

We would rather not give you any more pictures of what could go wrong. But we want you to be rest assured that we are staying true to our promise: Giving you one more reason to smile. Here are a few things you can do in case of a dental emergency:


  1. Call us. Our customer care lines 08065745100 & 08185092861 are open 24/7. so you can always book an appointment faster.
  2. Book a Televist/ online consultation. If you are scared of coming out or have no access to come out during the lockdown, you can always speak with one of our dentist through a tele-consultation.
  3. The clinic is also still open for emergency dental care; but you need to book an appointment first.

Keep staying safe!!