When you are on a regular dental appointment schedule, you only see your dentist a few times a year so it’s vital that you make the most of each visit. There are questions you might have that you forget when you’re at the dentist office, so it’s helpful to plan ahead and come prepared to each appointment. With some preparation, you and your dentist receive the full benefit of your time together.

“Be intentional about your oral health”.


Here are few tips that would help you ensure this;




Whenever you think of a question you’d like to ask the dentist, write it down somewhere so you don’t forget it. The big questions like why your tooth aches are easy to remember at your appointment, but smaller ones like the best type of mouthwash to use or diets change to consider can slip your mind. Try to write all the questions down in the same location like a notebook or app on your phone so you’re ready to go for your next appointment.




Chances are, your dentist will have a lot to say about your oral health and how you can improve and maintain it. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to remember everything they say. To solve this problem, bring a small notebook to write their advice down or input it into your phone. If you’re not in a position to write it down as they say it (like when you’re reclined in the chair as they clean your teeth) then ask them to repeat the information later when you have access to your notebook or device. You can also ask if your dentist could email you important information later so you can reference it later or refer you to relevant materials on the clinic website.




It’s likely that during at least one point in your life, you’ve failed to brush and floss as much as you should and then felt guilty and perhaps fibbed when your dental professional asked you about it or some cases where it’s your first time at the clinic and you are asked about your dental care history, please do well to provide a detailed one.

While it’s common to feel a bit intimidated by your dentist, it’s important to remember that they want to help you and that by being honest, they can better assess your oral health. When you’re honest about your oral hygiene practices, your dental professional then knows exactly how to help solve any issues.




At the clinic we have unique products that will make significant improvements on your oral health, there would always be a staff on standby to walk you through our myriad of options.

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Be the perfect patient for your perfect dentist.

Follow all instructions/advice given by the dentist to avoid complications after treatments. Ask questions if you are not clear, this would prevent avoidable revisits.

When your dentist doubles as your friend, your oral health is surely close to perfection.