3 Signs you’re due for dental checkup

No. 3 would leave you in shock.

Ever heard of the phrase “Fire Brigade Approach?”

Well if you haven’t, “Fire brigade approach” is usually used to describe situations where people wait till things get pretty out of hand before taking action.

A clear instant could be a driver who notices a bad tyre and still decides to ride with it till its explodes while in motion and causes traffic congestion – An incident that could have been avoided early on.

Now you may be asking how this relates to the topic been discussed.

Well, the truth is that most of us have this fire brigade approach when it comes to our dental care and nope! this post was not put up to drag you by your hair but to enlighten you on 3 early signs hat should make you immediately book a consultation with your dentist once you notice it.

Without further ado, we would be diving straight up into explaining these signs. First on the list is:


  1. Tooth Sensitivity

This is usually the earliest sign that you need a dental checkup.

It is normal for your teeth to respond to changes in temperature, pressure or concentration. Tooth sensitivity can be described as an exaggerated or ‘over’ – response to temperatures (cold or hot) or concentration (acidic or sweet) of food or drinks when they come in contact with your teeth.

It might last for a few minutes or several hours. However, it is a sign of your tooth or teeth trying to get your attention to get them checked as there might be a cavity or weak area of the tooth due to decay.

If for any reason, you start experiencing any of the symptoms associated with tooth sensitivity, then take it as a subtle warning to book an appointment with your dentist.



  1. Bleeding Gum

Most people when they notice their gum bleeding, they’re thrown into a frenzy. There is this sudden panic attack they start experiencing. Well, if this has ever happened to you, then we’ve got some good and not so good news for you, we would start with the good news.

Good news is that if you notice your gum bleeding, it’s not a death sentence. You won’t die immediately, so you can be calm and still go about finding a solution to stop the bleeding. Bad news is that you need an urgent appointment with your dentist. Failure to do so may complicate the issue on ground.

Bleeding gums can result from injuries from sharp food parts or using a hard toothbrush. In more sustained cases, it is as a result of low immunity, weak gums due to bacteria overgrowth in the mouth, vitamin C deficiency or a sign of other systemic diseases.

A dental checkup is your best bet to eliminate all the possible causes and get to the root of the problem, saving you lots of worrying or pain in the future.



  1. Bad Breath

You’re probably surprised to see bad breath as a sign that you need to book an appointment for a dental check up. In most cases, some people would resort to using minty sweets or self-prescribed mouth wash.

Well if this is you then you’ll need to repent. Lol!

Nonetheless, if a friend, partner/ spouse, colleague or close family member has ever pointed out to you that you didn’t brush (despite the fact that you did), we highly suggest it is best to get a solution fast by checking up with a certified dentist.

Why spend more later on treatment, when you can spend less earlier on a checkup? There is nothing to be afraid of, go right ahead and book an appointment TODAY.