What Do Bleeding Gums Reveal?

The mouth is home to over 200 species of bacteria. These bacteria feed on leftover foods, especially refined sugars which are easily digestible for them. As they breakdown these sugars, they release acids which alter the general acidity of the mouth.

Bacteria and the acids they produce are a large part of the sticky film that constantly forms on the teeth- DENTAL PLAQUE. When this dental plaque accumulates on the tooth and around the gums, it begins to harden and cause injury (inflammation) to the gum tissue. One of the signs of this inflammatory process is gum bleeding.

Dealing with Bleeding Gums

  • Brushing your teeth everyday helps reduce the accumulation of dental plaque and improve the health of the gum tissue. A hard toothbrush will cause damage to the gum tissue; so use a medium-bristled toothbrush and replace your toothbrush every 2-3 months.


  • Alcohol-free Mouthwashes and fluoride mouthrinses are very helpful in controlling accumulation of plaque and reduce gum inflammation. It is advisable to use them daily, especially at night before going to bed. Avoid using a mouthwash immediately after brushing your teeth as it may interact with the toothpaste and lose its effectiveness. Rinse your mouth for 2-3 minutes ONLY and spit out (children below the age of 12 years should not use mouthwash as they might swallow it).


  • Antimicrobial mouthwashes can help to reduce the progression of gum disease, especially in situations where it is difficult for you to brush or clean your teeth properly (due to injury, after a surgery e.t.c). Miradent CHX is a regenerative mouthwash enriched with chlorohexidine, fluoride and xylitol and does not contain alcohol. It is ideal for short-term use and should be discontinued after 2 weeks (as it can result in tooth staining on prolonged use). Use only on prescription by a dentist.


  • Regular dental checkups help to identify gum disease early and rule out any other systemic causes of gum bleeding. Also, it is an opportunity to get your teeth cleaned professionally (Scaling and polishing) to remove hardened dental plaque (DENTAL CALCULUS), and stains from the teeth.  You can schedule a checkup TODAY.